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book scanning services

Having accomplished countless projects of varying types, sizes and complexities, we are really confident and above all delighted to introduce ourselves as one of the premium prepress companies in India.

Regardless of the enclosures in the books or documents, let it be maps, charts, illustrations, graphs, chemical structures or any miscellaneous drawings, we are among those rare document scanning companies in India that offers uncompromised high quality solutions within the quickest turnaround time.

‘Pre-press’- the self explanatory term signifies the process preceding printing or publication. This is of great relevance as it sets the very basic platform for all the processes that follow.

A lot of things are to be considered to assure perfection of service rendering in this regard. This fact along with the involvement of several technical aspects demands for an expert hub to where you can with poise outsource prepress services in Indi

document scanning services

“Prepress services are actually a collective set of processes and our team is expert in providing all those with consummate ease.”

What we have to offer?

“A comprehensive set of progressions that guarantee a spick and span document ready for further processes”

We offer a wide array of prepress services encompassing typesetting, copyediting and proofreading, scanning, OCR conversion services etc.

Book Typesetting services

To reach among the best typesetting companies in India, it took us several years of our opened perspiratory glands and persistent learning. This is actually an art of creating and positioning the content that complements the intension of text with desired style and mood.

The activities we carry out as a book typesetting services India based company constitutes page layout creation as per client preferences, header-footer incorporation, pagination and finalization in regard of styles and design schemes. Just send us the data in any format and we transform it to appropriately ordered, unswerving publishable forms.

Copyediting and proofreading

Professional copyediting services and proofreading from us helps you to eliminate the worries regarding any grammatical, punctuation or typographical errors. Understanding the adversity caused by a misplaced word or phrase or wrongly structured sentence, our team of experienced copyeditors and proofreaders verify and confirm readability, user-friendliness and comprehension of the content along with adherence to the customer specifications.

Book and Document Scanning services

Outsource document scanning services and book scanning services to us and save a lot of time, effort, cost and space. You can easily access the scanned files, edit them and transfer to the desired audience even in encrypted format. By using scanned versions of books and documents, you can also enjoy an improved security level.

OCR conversion services

outsource document scanning services

When there are huge cabinets full of documents for data entry, the best option left with you is OCR conversion services in which data read from machines are automatically converted to soft copies with least human intervention.

Benefits of Outsourcing prepress services to us

The below mentioned are few among the surplus unmatched benefits of hiring our prepress company in India.

  • Under a single roof, we make you available all types of prepress services.
  • Our experts have great troubleshooting skills with relevant industry experience.
  • A separate dedicated quality control team to monitor each and every phase carried out.
  • Best quality services guaranteed through conscientious and well established procedures.
  • Throughout maintenance of communication channels with the customers
  • Provision of tailor-made solutions as per customer requirements
  • Usage of advanced tools, techniques and technologies

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