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ebook conversion

The never ending aspirations of mankind for betterment backed by technological capabilities have kept on improving his standards of living and comfort level. The shift from print to digital media is one of the remarkable advancements made. There are a manifold of benefits offered by these services.

As an eBook conversion services India based company, we offer diverse provisions that include ePub, ePub3, kindle, nook, fixed layout, interactive eBook and enhanced eBook conversions.

Epub and Epub3 ebook formatting services

Epub format is hugely preferred among the digital readers and eBook publishing companies. Our offerings include multi-screen compatible cover page, repagination, index formatting, media incorporation and proofing.

Epub 3, the advanced version of epub format is exalted with better features and the most highlighted among those are the incomparable multimedia display characteristics, global typography and other features like that of CSS, grammar support and navigation.

Kindle conversion services

Amazon’s kindle device took very short time to rank among the top few in the digital audience favorites list. The device with a 7 inch multi-touch display and an amazing feature set at a comfortable cost is complemented with a split browser which is cloud triggered. Our Kindle services deals with kindle eBook kindle fire and even the most advanced KF8 formats.

ebook conversion services

Fixed layout ePub conversion services

This format differs from others in numerous ways and is most suited in cases when the typographic design is complex. Here content is placed in a fixed manner on the concerned device. Apart from other features like desired font type and size selection, dictionary linking, bookmark, navigation etc., image positioning can also be precisely done; the larger images can be spread over two consecutive pages. We offer fixed layout ePub formatting services and conversion that are compatible with all main platforms including Apple and Amazon.

Interactive eBook conversion services

By utilizing the great features offered by HTML5, CSS3 and Epub, we create interactive books that keep readers impressed. The surplus features such as geo-location, finger painting and canvas etc. along with CSS3 provided options of animations, columns and text shadows elevates the favoritism of interactive books.

Enhanced conversion offered by us assure apex quality content that is appropriately incorporated with elements such as audios, videos, animations, graphics and links, both external and internal. Moreover there are features like font and screen adjustments, dictionary, searching functionality and all that needed to bestow a personalized user experience.

Digital archiving services

Understanding the needs of customers from diverse scenarios including education, government, industrial and healthcare sectors, we offer immaculate digital archiving services using specialized tools and sophisticated technologies.

Digital data storage is a smarter way to keep your documents safe and secured within minimum cost and space. Our services in this regard embrace a series of processes including scanning, keyboarding, OCR, content migration and a lot more. Our team is capable of handling documents of any type or volume with peak exactness.

Outsource to our experienced team of practiced professionals

  • We are among those eBook conversion companies in India that offer almost all types of related ebook file conversion services.
  • Our team can handle multiple languages easily and flawlessly.
  • We strongly stick to the IDPF standards and provide outputs in multiple formats like ePub, ePub3, kindle, nook, fixed layout, interactive and enhanced conversions for eg : convert pdf to epub
  • The output can be accessed through a huge range of devices like iPhone, iPad, Nook Sony eReader, and Kindle.
ebook formatting services

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